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Amazing Animals

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Amazing Animals!

At 40 degrees Celsius in Australia , it was so hot for a week that Koalas were asking people for water. it's never been seen before.


Puppy, Dog Training and behaviour

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Puppies learn naturally. Dog training is very rewarding. They will start to learn the second their eyes open and are most open to new experiences in the first 4 months. Puppy training must start as early as 8 weeks. Many wait until the puppy are older because they think that puppies know but little or learn little while still young. Start you puppy training as soon as you get home. Dogs learn habits and by association. Creating good habits at a young age will make for a well behaved dog in the future.

Puppy trainingPuppies thrive on mental and physical stimulation and introducing you puppy to new situations and environments will keep them interested in learning new things. Short walks or playing are great ways to stimulate your puppy and will help to strengthen your bond with your pet.

Try to stimulate your puppy in short but regular periods, a puppy left unstimulated will often turn to destructive or disruptive behavior which will get worse as the dog gets older. Remember, puppies learn habits, teach him from the very moment they set home! If you cannot teach them which you as a "puppy parent" must do, take them for puppy training classes! 

It is best to interact with your dog so toys should be kept to a minimum, allow for one chew toy that he/she will always have access to and doesn’t require your involvement. Keep another toy like a ball or rope that will only be used when you are playing with the dog. Once you are finished playing, remove the toy. This will create great excitement for the puppy and strengthen your bond. This will also teach the puppy to only play with or chew “approved” items  rather than the furniture or your brand new pair of shoe's! Understand puppy behaviour and why they do what they do. Puppies like babies like to chew on things for their growing teeth and one of the first things is puppy training biting - teach them not to bite you or chew things that is not permitted to chew.


How to Build a Whelping Box for Your Dog

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How to Build a Whelping Box for Your Dog

Your dog is pregnant and due to deliver her puppies in two weeks, so now is the time to begin preparations. A whelping box is a place for your female to deliver and raise the puppies, and it should be a place where she feels safe. Select an area familiar to your pet with minimum traffic and few temperature variations.

Materials Needed


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