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Labradors are Great Family dogs

Labradors are Great Family dogs. They love Children and is very Friendly!

 They are very trainable, teachable and have great  ability to learn!

They need to be taught from a very young age.

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Your Guide to Puppy Care

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Puppy Care

Give a dog a bone or notPuppy Feeding

Your puppy needs to be feed regularly. Unlike cattle, they do not eat grass! They need much care and should be looked well after, especially when it comes to feed time. Canine’s (dogs) are very dependent on humans to supply their needs! You have been supplied by a “food starter” pack, to help you as owner to be not without good nutrition for your puppy. You may want to keep your puppy on the brand supplied or switch to a new brand. Do not lower the standard in your puppy’s nutrition; where possible rather give them the best you can afford. If you want to switch the food of your puppy to another type, please follow the instructions supplied with your starter pack. Your puppy should be fed 3 times a day at regular times where possible. Your puppy should slowly be made use to the new brand. This is done over several days, normally about 6-7 days. Basically you start with ¾ of the old brand and ¼ of the new. This you will do over 2 days. Then you will give ½ of the old brand and a ½ of the new for the next 2 days. The following 2 days (day 5 and 6) you will give your puppy ¾ of the new brand and ¼ of the old brand. Thereafter your puppy will be on the new.


Dog Risks Life To Save Unconscious Owner, from Oncoming Freight Train

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Amazing Animals!

A pit bull named Lilly risked her life to pull her unconscious owner from the path of an oncoming freight train last week. The loyal dog suffered serious injuries but saved her owner, Fox News reports.

Christine Spain was walking home with Lilly when she fell unconscious onto the railroad tracks in Shirley, Mass., the Sentinel and Enterprise reports.

Before long, a freight train was barreling towards them.

"I don't know if she collapsed or what happened, but she passed out," Rob Halpin, spokesman for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals told the Sentinel and Enterprise. "The engineer, the only witness, told police he saw a dog frantically pulling at a woman as he drew closer. He did everything he could. He heard a thump and thought he hit both."

The engineer hit the brakes and got off the train to find Spain unharmed.

The 8-year-old pit bull suffered severe injury to her right foot. She also fractured her pelvis in multiple locations and sustained other internal injuries.


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