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Useful Resources and Links

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Please see the following links, there are great resources as well!

1 LinkPet Portraits
Animal Artist specializing in realistic pet portraits. I paint and draw dogs, cats and other animals. Commissions available. You are welcome to view my online gallery!

2 LinkWalking and training Leashes for any Activity
Looking for certain type of leash? Visit our store and you will find best leather, nylon or chain leashes for any type of activity!

3 LinkDog Harnesses Online Store
We are an online store selling only top quality dog harnesses of different sizes and colors. Find a perfect one for your beloved doggie.

4 LinkGreat Labrador Dog Training Stuff
Wide choice of leather and nylon collars, training dog harnesses, durable and comfortable muzzles for Labrador dog breed. Custom made products are available.


South Africa online pet directory for dogs, puppies, breeders, horses, birds etc

Pets SA - South Africa On-line Pet Directory is a PETS Website for every pet owner in South Africa with breeders listings, ads, pet products, puppies, birds, pet services, horses and information and articles on domestic pets � List today or Visit at http://www.petssa.co.za

6 LinkThe South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind
The South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind was founded in 1953 with the vision to train dogs to be The Eyes of visually impaired people, helping these people to be independent.

7 LinkBeagle Scent Hunts
The purpose of this site is to provide centralized scheduling information relating to our field days

8 LinkThe Canine Registry
Canine Registration Authority for Thoroughbred Dogs

9 LinkKUSA
The Kennel Union of South Africa. See breeding standards, dog name search and updates on dogs

10 LinkTop Quality Dog Supplies for GSD
Comfortable and durable leather and nylon dog harnesses, spacious and well adjustable muzzles, stylish collars made of leather or nylon, long and short leashes and many other dog stuff for German Shepherds!

11 LinkRottweiler Dog Supplies Online
Great choice of Rottweiler training harnesses, collars of any shape and width, durable and safe walking muzzle and many other reliable and top quality dog equipment at reasonable prices.

12 LinkEverything for Doberman Dog Training
Hand crafted quality products for Doberman's. Find here models and quality you have been searching for so long. Great tracking, pulling, agitation harnesses, comfortable and well adjustable muzzles, wide range of leather and nylon collar models and many other dog supplies are waiting for you and your doggy.

13 LinkTraining and Walking Equipment English Bulldog
Do you need quality dog stuff? Welcome! Here you will find great choice of leather and nylon harnesses, handmade leashes, adjustable and safe leather and wire basket muzzles, dog toys, bite sleeves etc. You won't be disappointed.

14 LinkBullmastiffs Dog Training Gear
Affordable and top-notch Bull-mastiff training products. Harnesses, muzzles, collars, bite suits, toys, etc. Everything is made only of natural leather or durable and safe nylon. Don't lose a chance to see and try best quality dog products.

15 LinkEquipment for Dog Trainers
Welcome to our online Dog Training Store. Here you will find everything you need to train and walk your doggy. Wide range of leather and wire cage muzzles, durable wide and narrow collars, training and everyday walking harnesses, leashes, toys, bite suits and many other dog stuff at reasonable prices and only of the best quality.

16 LinkAll About Dobermans Training Store
Professional dog training supplies for Doberman dogs. Visit us and you will definitely like our training and walking leather harnesses, well adjustable muzzles, 2 ply collars, durable leashes and other quality dog items.

17 LinkQuality Dog Harnesses Online
Quality dog harnesses for different needs and to any taste. Training and walking harnesses, harnesses for pulling, tracking, training are here at best prices and of best quality.

18 LinkProfessional Great Dane Breed Equipment Store
Great Dane store offers fantastic design and quality dog collars, training harnesses, walking comfy muzzles, leashes and pull tabs, and other dog stuff.

19 LinkDog Training Equipment For Rottweilers
Visit our dog store and our great designer collars, harnesses, muzzles etc for Rottweiler will definitely catch your attention.

20 LinkSchutzhund Dog Training Products Online
Top quality supplies for professional Schutzhund training: tracking, pulling, agitation harnesses, safe bite suits, sleeves, replaceable sleeve covers, durable muzzles, great choice of designer collars etc. Everything for Schutzhund is here.

21 LinkCanine Dogs Training Equipment
Wide choice of spacious and well fit muzzles, well adjustable harnesses, nylon and leather collars, safe toys etc. for different dog breeds and for different purposes. Everyday walks, traveling, training, agitation and other types of activity will become even more effective and pleasant.

22 LinkDog Supplies for Pitbulls
Pitbull dogs need proper training. We will help you to equip your dog with quality and safe supplies: training, pulling, tracking harnesses, heavy duty muzzles, durable 2 ply collars, leashes and lots of other items for your Pitbull.

23 LinkSturdy German Shepherd Dog Training Supplies
High value German Shepherd leather and wire cage muzzles, training and walking harnesses, leather and metal collars, leashes, bite tugs and toys and many other dog stuff is waiting for you and your doggy.

24 LinkGreen Country Beagles
We breed for healthy, intelligent beagle puppies with excellent temperament. Our puppies receive lots of one on one attention and are worked with as early as possible to be a good rabbit beagle along with a beloved family pet

25 Link4Pets.co.za - South Africa Pet Owners Community
The South African Pet Owners Community is a one stop site for pet owners

26 LinkStrong and Durable Leather Dog Muzzles for Active Dogs
A wide range of Leather Walking and Leather Agitation Muzzles are available in this Leather Dog Muzzles Webstore.

27 LinkBreathe Free Wire Cage Dog Muzzles
Wire Dog Muzzles Webstore offers a lot of Wire Basket Muzzles of various design. Train and walk your dog with comfort!

28 LinkReliable and optional specialized bite sleeves
Wide range of reliable bite sleeves for progressive advance of future champions

29 LinkBite Sleeves K9 Webstore
offers reliable, professional Schutzhund equipment for future champions.

30 LinkProfessional Schutzhund Training muzzles, collars, harnesses and leashes,
also offered bite suits, bite sleeves and other equipment.

31 LinkSuper durable, dog-safe and perfect fit muzzles
Great choice of dog muzzles for small, medium, large and extra large breeds

32 LinkOriginal quality metal training dog collars
Best quality metal equipment for training, metal training dog collars

33 LinkSpecially crafted original Herm Sprenger dog collars
Exclusive design of dog training equipment for your dog

34 LinkWire cage and leather muzzles for your dog
Best value dog muzzles for medium, large and extra large breeds

35 LinkHandcrafted dog harnesses of brand new designs
Great variety of dog harnesses models, sizes and colors. Find the perfect harness for your beloved dog. High quality is guaranteed

36 LinkLooking for a perfect collar for your pet? Visit our webstore!
Plenty of leather and nylon, everyday and training collars for all breeds. Unique hand crafted designs.

37 LinkGood quality Boxer Dog Training Equipment
Online store offers a wide range of Professional Harnesses, Muzzles, Collars, Leashes, Bite Training Equipment and Teeth Care Toys for active Boxer.

38 LinkProfessional Training Equipment for American Bulldog breed
Best quality American Bulldog collars, harnesses, leashes and muzzles, bite sleeve, dog toys, etc. 

39 LinkDog Training Equipment for Your Beloved Pet
Variously Designed Harnesses, Muzzles, Collars, Leashes, Bite Tugs and Sleeves, as well as Dog Toys.

40 LinkBoxer Dog Breed Accessories
The best fitting harnesses, collars, muzzles, leashes and other training and walking equipment.

41 LinkOnline Store for Cane Corso Equipment
High quality dog training equipment for your four-feet friend, including strong and comfortable collars, harnesses, muzzles, toys and a lot of other dog stuff.

42 LinkBest fitting muzzles for your dog
Good quality wire cage and leather dog muzzles for medium, large and extra large breeds.

43 LinkStrong, Reliable Cane Corso Dog Equipment
Unique quality Harnesses, Collars, Muzzles, Leads and other indispensable Cane Corso Training Equipment.


LinkDurable and Luxury Mastiff Breed Supplies
Get today Stylish Looking Harnesses, Muzzles for Mastiff Breeds, Collars and Strong Leashes.



BuyApet is a South African pet classifieds website where you have access to reputable breeders, quality pet products, pet accommodation and everything else your pet might need.


LinkDog Safety Guide for Parents
"An estimated 35 percent of American households and 25 percent of UK households own dogs. Many children enjoy growing up with a dog as a family pet. Despite the fact that the vast majority of dogs are friendly, parents must be aware that a dog bite can cause serious injury to a child."   Good article to read and know of the dangers and dangerous breeds for children especially!

47 LinkAd Land Free South African Classifieds
Adland offers local classified ads for jobs, real estate, services, pets & buy or sell cars, trucks, etc - Post your classified ads free today                                    

LinkPitbull Puppies Online The best place to buy and sell your next puppy!                                                                                                       


LinkSA Spot Business Directory for South Africa's Businesses. Get Listed and get your spot in South  Africa today!                                                    


LinkGreatDogSite.com provides comprehensive, in-depth Labrador Retriever information.                                                                              

51 Link GreatDogSite.com provides comprehensive, in-depth Beagle information.                                                                                                  
52 LinkThe Pug Owner Guide
A Pug resource center with information about the breed, advice on health, best foods, names, training, general care, links to breeders and much more.

53 LinkEasy Clean Wooden Dog Kennels
Home and manufacturing of Easy Clean Wood Dog Kennel and Dog Houses for sale in Pretoria Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal. Give your dog a great home 

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