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Meet our Labrador Retriever Dog Family - Samuel

Samuel (Sammy) is one of our proud male Yellow Labrador Retrievers!

Here are some pictures of Samuel:

He is so handsome!

He so loves to play!

He loves to swim and play in the water!

He is are very good natured, great temperament!

He is registered with the KUSA.

D.O.B.  25-02-2010

Short description on the Labrador Retriever dog breed:

The Labrador retriever, also known as Labrador or Lab, is one of several kinds of retrievers. Labrador dogs belong to the gun dog group. Labradors are athletic, playful, and the most popular breed of dog by registered ownership in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States (since 1991).

Labradors are relatively large, with males typically weighing 29 to 36 kg and females 25 to 32 kg. Labradors weighing close to or over 45 kg are considered obese or having a major fault under American Kennel Club standards, although some Labradors weigh significantly more. The majority of the characteristics of the Labrador, with the exception of colour, are the result of breeding to produce a working retriever. (Wikipedia)