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Registered Labrador Retriever litter available

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We have beautiful Labrador Retriever puppies for sale!

The litter of Gunther and Misha was born 25 April 2014. There are 4 females born, 2 Yellow and 2 Black Females. They will be ready from 13 June 2014

There is still 1 Yellow Female available to RESERVE in the litter - ALL RESERVED!

Here is photo's of the litter:

Misha Litter

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Here is the litter:

Female 1 Cassidy (RESERVED):

Female 2 Niki  (RESERVED):

Female 3 - Maxie (RESERVED):

Female 4 - Cassy - (RESERVED):

Here is mom with the litter when they were born:

Price on the females are R 4000.00 (KUSA registration included). See more on our puppies HERE

They are ready to go to loving home.

There is still 1 Yellow female (female 2 - Nikki above) available - RESERVED!

Please contact Ronel for more details

or send her an email:

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