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Registered Jack Russel puppies available

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New litter registered Jack Russel puppies


There is a new litter CanineSA registered Jack Russel puppies that was born 18 December 2013

The litter is now 5 Weeks old and will be ready from 30 January 2014

Short Legged, brown and white, smooth coat  Jack Russell Terriers:

The proud parents is Jewels and Trompie

There is no puppies available from this litter!

Here is some photo's of the litter:



Here is Sandria (female) (RESERVED):



Here is Scarlet (female) (RESERVED):



Here is Senorita (female)  (RESERVED):



Here is Sabrina (female) (RESERVED):



Here is Skipper (male) (RESERVED):



Here is Sergio (male) (RESERVED):



They will be inoculated/vaccinated twice and dewormed 3 times with CanineSA registration and will also go with a food starter pack

Price on the puppies: R 1200,00 (including CanineSA registration) We ask R 200.00 deposit to reserve.


Please reserve in advance to avoid disappointment!


Please contact us to reserve and more info

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