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Beagles Simone - Meet our Beagle Dog Family

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Simone, Tri-colour Beagle female

Meet Simone on of our lovely Tri-colour Beagle females. She was born December 2013. Her Beagle name to us is just Simone!. Beagles are loyal companions. They thrive on close friendship! The Beagle is a pack dog and like to be around other Beagles (especially), other dogs or of course people!

Beagle female from registered breeders in Pretoria Gauteng

She is registered with KUSA

Beagle from registered beagle breeders in Pretoria Gauteng

We have occasionally Beagle puppies for sale. Please contact us for our Beagle prices and more info on our planned Beagle litters

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