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Beagles Basie - Meet our Beagle Dog Family

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Basie - Broken Tri-colour Beagle male

Meet Basie our broken Tri-colour Beagle Male. He has such a great nature! He was born 16-11-2007 in the Free State. Among other Beagle names his was just Basie to us. His registered Beagle name is Hampstead Zeus - which also indicates the line where he is from. He has Kingscourt and Studvet parentage lines like most other Beagles. Beagles are loyal companions. They thrive on close friendship! The Beagle is a pack dog and like to be around other Beagles (especially), other dogs or of course people!

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Beagle champ!

Basie is one of our greatest watchdogs! Nobody come near our house unless he is the first to warn us. He can hear the gate open from a distance! But do not worry, beagles will rarely bite humans! They may seem to be aggressive but it is in most cases just for the show! No, I do not show with my Beagles! I know I have champions, they show that to me every day!

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He is registered with the KUSA situated in Cape Town

We have occasionally Beagle puppies for sale. Please contact us for Beagle price and more info on our planned Beagle litters

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