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"For  the  soul  of  every living thing is in the Hand of God, and the
breath of all mankind." Job 12:10


Let your dog teach you the secret

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Every day, dog lovers are confronted with one of the greatest testimonies that man can have. Dogs truly are great animal and amazing creatures. Off almost all the animals, dogs have by far the closest relationship to man than any other animal (that I know of)!

What is it that dogs so strikingly confronts man with?

Let me share something you should be more mindful with every time you interact with your dog and learn the lesson!

When you come home, did you ever see how your dog behaves? He just loves to be with you! They are attracted to those that share their affection! Your dog likes to be with you! And why? Dogs learn dependence! They know those who provide them and look after them. We had some lab puppies a while back that were almost 12 weeks before they found forever homes. They were great puppies! They eagerly awaited our appearance each morning and grave our attention throughout the day. They were totally dependent from us! Obedience is also learned through dependence!

Here is one truth I want to share with you, I have found this reality in my own life, we may walk around and do our own thing, but once we found the secret in this life, we will never be free. It is just here where we fail. For the most, dogs may learn mankind the secret to wholeness, yet mankind for the most rejects this thought. We tend to think that independence is the way to happiness and wholeness. But let me tell you, independence leaves you only with yourself and your own little resources! This world promotes independence. But dogs can teach us the secret to true fulfilment. We can never be happy and live a life of complete fulfilment if we do not become dependent on the LORD God. Dependence is the key to true liberty and fulfilment. This means that your life revolves around something or someone far greater than yourself, far wiser than yourself and far more able than yourself? Independence makes you the source of your own happiness and life, but if you can find the true source of all things, of all sufficiency, power and life, wouldn’t it be madness NOT to become utter dependant from that? I have found Jesus Christ sufficient in all things, faithful and able to save to the uttermost, provide and care for everything I ever need!

And this made me think. Are you still living your life independent from God? I once did! When I call my dogs, they run to me, especially when I was away from them! For so many years mankind lived almost an independent existence away from God, wrapped up in their own little world with their own made up resources, trying to cope with whatever they are confronted with! But I learned that the LORD has come down to adopt us and called us so that we may become whole again and overcome what is facing mankind, total destruction that is coming as their resources are running out. In Jesus Christ, God came to bring man out of himself and his own ability, to His fullness and Life.

Let your dog teach you the secret of true wholeness and happiness. This secret is total dependence – utter dependence on the Life and Care of Another who gave His Life to bring you under His Care and providence!

When I call Abby or Bokkie, they come running to me. God is calling you by your name, will you go to Him today or will you continue chewing on an old dry bone while God is preparing a feast for you? Once independence is crossed out, dependence brings you to what God has prepared for you in Christ Jesus the LORD.

God bless you


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Jarocas Kennels "For the soul of every living thing is in the Hand of God, and the breath of all mankind." Job 12:10 - Copyrighted 2012