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Flea Allergy Dermatitis

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Flea Allergy Dermatitis

All of us know the difficulties of totally controlling fleas. Fleas cause two problems – a generalized irritation (pruritis) and a more complex syndrome – flea allergy dermatitis. This is an immune response to the flea saliva and in the advanced state, requires one fleabite anywhere on the body. The lesion expresses as an alopecic (bald) area on the dog’s rump with intense irritation of a long lasting nature.

Fleas and mites are the cause of most skin irritations and infections among dogs, are itchy and cause dermatitis!

The solution to the problem is simple in theory – remove all fleas and the problem resolves. Easier said than done! Flea control is multifaceted.


Your Guide to Puppy Care

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Puppy Care

Give a dog a bone or notPuppy Feeding

Your puppy needs to be feed regularly. Unlike cattle, they do not eat grass! They need much care and should be looked well after, especially when it comes to feed time. Canine’s (dogs) are very dependent on humans to supply their needs! You have been supplied by a “food starter” pack, to help you as owner to be not without good nutrition for your puppy. You may want to keep your puppy on the brand supplied or switch to a new brand. Do not lower the standard in your puppy’s nutrition; where possible rather give them the best you can afford. If you want to switch the food of your puppy to another type, please follow the instructions supplied with your starter pack. Your puppy should be fed 3 times a day at regular times where possible. Your puppy should slowly be made use to the new brand. This is done over several days, normally about 6-7 days. Basically you start with ¾ of the old brand and ¼ of the new. This you will do over 2 days. Then you will give ½ of the old brand and a ½ of the new for the next 2 days. The following 2 days (day 5 and 6) you will give your puppy ¾ of the new brand and ¼ of the old brand. Thereafter your puppy will be on the new.


House Training Spray

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House Trainer

Here is a product that you might find very useful in helping you house train your puppy or Canine.

House Training Spray

Just put up some newspapers some place on the floor, spray on the papers. You now only need to make the puppy aware of the place. Although this may be very helpful, rather make the time to take your puppy outside after meals.

Stop feed and water early at night and take the pup outside to do their thing, especially when they start seeking, making circles, etc, watch them carefully, you will be surprise if you are observant how easy it will become. Remember, slips do come! See our other articles on house training!

If you have great advise on house training or any other great resources on dogs and puppies, please share them with us, please send them to our email address on our contact us page!

House Training

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Look out, Look out There’s a puppy about


Ok, so you've got your precious new canine family member home, and he has settled in quite nicely, is eating well, and playing havoc with everything you should have tidied away, Now for those 'little accidents' ,

Housetraining is probably the very first training exercise undertaken by a puppy and his new owner, and despite what some people say, it is not hard, and success does not have to take an age to achieve. With luck, your puppy’s breeder may have begun the process. The important thing to remember is that your puppy will not learn by himself, there are 'rules', and you will have to have more than a casual input.


The 'Rules'

1 If you don't catch your puppy doing it - DO NOT punish him.

2 Always use praise when things go right.

There is method in the madness

There are several methods you can choose to use when housetraining a puppy.



Let your dog teach you the secret

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Every day, dog lovers are confronted with one of the greatest testimonies that man can have. Dogs truly are great animal and amazing creatures. Off almost all the animals, dogs have by far the closest relationship to man than any other animal (that I know of)!

What is it that dogs so strikingly confronts man with?

Let me share something you should be more mindful with every time you interact with your dog and learn the lesson!

When you come home, did you ever see how your dog behaves? He just loves to be with you! They are attracted to those that share their affection! Your dog likes to be with you! And why? Dogs learn dependence! They know those who provide them and look after them. We had some lab puppies a while back that were almost 12 weeks before they found forever homes. They were great puppies! They eagerly awaited our appearance each morning and grave our attention throughout the day. They were totally dependent from us! Obedience is also learned through dependence!


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